I’m often asked about my background as the CEO of a high-tech consumer medical cross-over company. I’m not a doctor, not an engineer… What I am is a Cancer survivor with over a decade of experience as a patient. Before that I was a family caregiver of a grandmother with Parkinson’s, a grandfather with heart disease, a great aunt with diabetes and dementia and the daughter and niece of two very young cancer victims. From a very young age, caring for my family and researching ailments and treatment options often fell on my shoulders because I “understood English.” You see, my family came to the US as Soviet refugees with $100 and an “American Dream.” This country took us in, supported us as we got on our feet and in 1987, fulfilled my grandfather’s dream by granting us American citizenship.

America had been my grandfather’s dream since WWII. Since he, a Jewish resistance fighter who had somehow made it all the way to Berlin with the Red Army, had a chance meeting with an American Jewish US Army Chaplain who invited him to Shabbat services at the remains of a German synagogue. He was shocked to see how many American Jewish GI’s were there- and even more shocked to see how many non-Jewish supporters came. The son of a Rabbi, he made it his mission to save as many lives during the war as possible- even though it often seemed like he was being shot at from all sides. I grew up on his stories and founded our company continuing his mission to save lives and his deep patriotism and gratitude for the warfighters who risk their lives to protect the freedoms he fought so hard to bring our family to.

Devali Inc, a 100% female founded Delaware C-Corp started in June of 2018 is a textile-based health and safety innovation startup developing products for the senior, sports, military and medical markets. Our innovative approach combines multiple proprietary sensors and adjustable algorithms into comfortable garment-based devices with multiple user interfaces to track, monitor and study biometric and physiological performance data, changes in body homeostasis and measure the impact of internal and external stressors on the entire human system in motion. By tracking changes over time, comparing against existing clinical data and using machine learning for predictive analysis and potential event modeling, our overarching long-term goal is to learn to predict and prevent heart attacks and strokes. In the meantime, like my grandfather, we are on a mission to save lives at every step along the way.